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Its something everyone of us dreams of – a small farm tucked away at the back beyond, surrounding yourself with pets and leading a rustic life away from traffic snarls, ringing phones and unwelcome visitors. All very pleasant to dream about but a trifle difficult to translate into reality.

Some intrepid souls however do more than dream, Sanil and Aparna kadam, the couple from Thane have a small farm where they run a resort for our canine friends.

Dogs have always been Sanils first love, they also helped him find his other love ,his wife Aparna, who he met when she came to his old farm on ghodbunder rd , Thane 12 yrs back, about her dog and who now helps him run the resort and also runs a pet shop “APSAN’S 4 PAWS” in Hirannandani Meadows, Thane.

A Commerce Graduate sanil left his job in Nocil to pursue his love for pets. A self taught dog trainer, Sanil began going to peoples homes to train their pets, as many as 12 a day.

He also began experimenting with breeding and bred miniature pomerarians.

In 1992 Sanil and a friend setup a farm at karjat where they housed pets and trained dogs and also started breeding tropical fishes.

Running a farm was not an easy task, as Sanil found out, but the experience was rewarding in that it gave him an insight into commercial aspect of breeding and selling tropical fishes apart from lodging, boarding and training.

In 1996 Sanil Started his own kennels in the Thane city on the Ghodbunder rd, with just five kennels and a huge hatchery and 10 fish breeding ponds.

He slowly built up a good clientele for his kennel services and fishes. This is where the concept of open play area for the dogs without leashes was born. This is where he met Aparna and both made future plans of expansion with more kennels and a larger play area for the pets.

In 2004 their dream of expansion came true with their country side Canine Resort. “ Apsan’s Canine Resort. The kennel has a capacity of 80 kennels out of which 4 are air conditioned kennels.


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